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Online casinos you know when using a bonus. What is the difference in Quasar casino? To suppose you have received 300 euros of bonus, you have played them and you have remained 10 euros, it is the amount that you can download an unpleasant situation.

With the new Quasar casino policy in bonus policy, the situation is far better.

It is only enough to meet the winning requirements, regardless of whether the amount with which you are less than the original bonus will receive the entire amount of the bonus in real money. The sense of pleasure and security gives you justice when you receive bonus salaries in Quasar casino. And most importantly, when you play with the bonus money and you have won more than the size of the bonus, you have the right to withdraw up to five times the amount of bonus received.

It can be said that Quasar casino actually pays tribute to its casino players. Offer a pleasure when you play in a Quasar online casino.

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