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The CODETA casino launches a new revolutionary Skill ScoreTM feature with an aggravating effect on its players.

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Skill ScoreTM
What makes the Skill ScoreTM so invasive? After a long research, the CODETA casino team has come to the conclusion that casino players playing table games should have experience based on the results achieved by the other players. This feature allows you to track your progress as well as compare with other players. Using the Skill ScoreTM casino, live players will achieve better results whether they are experienced or beginners playing table games. Casino players have the tools to better understand the game in this way by being able to track the other players and how their game develops.

Skill ScoreTM makes a ranking of casino players relative to their performance in the game by determining the best so other players can see and compare with their rivals. The casino player's Skill ScoreTM is based on two major factors that have the greatest impact on player behaviour - the chance of winning a big and to be able to continue to win over time.

The CODETA casino defines these two basic factors for the Skill ScoreTM as winning strategies and big wins. Between the victories and losses that have been achieved, the ratio between them is calculated, so the achieved big winnings summarize the earned payout coefficients. Skill ScoreTM organizes the sum of the top 10 casino players on a weekly and monthly basis. You can get the Skill ScoreTM tool from the casino page once you're signed in.

The CODETA casino started with its first World Skill ScoreTM race.

By May 20, 2018, top 10 players will share the pot of 2500 euros.

1st place - € 625 | 2nd place - € 500 | 3rd place - € 375 | 4th place - € 250 | 5th place - € 200

6th place - € 175 | 7th place - € 150 | 8th inches - € 100 | 9th place - € 75 | 10th place - € 50

Use this wonderful Skill ScoreTM tool to get the most of the massive massive table games selection at the CODETA casino.


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