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Perhaps many of us ask the same question “Why should I play online casino?”. We are not going into the comparison part, where will say here are the pros and cons of online casino vs land-based casino. Everyone has different preferences and we respect their choices. It’s like comparing a football game watched at the stadium with a game watched on the TV.

Flexibility and location

You can play online casino from everywhere as long as you have Internet connection. The online casino gives you the opportunity to play the best games at the comfort of your home or on the go. You can play literally from anywhere – your sofa, in front of the TV, back garden/balcony or in your bed, train, park, bus stop, while you have your coffee or dinner.  The online casino gives you that flexibility to choose where you can play from. The land based casino are popular but there is no guarantee that you can find them in every city. When playing online, players don’t need to worry how to get to the closest land based casino. Choosing online casino could be also cost effective as there are no transport cost to get there, plus it’s time saving. 

Choice of games

There are so many land based casinos, some of them smaller, some of them bigger. Every land based casino offers the standard types of games slots, roulette and very likely blackjack. But what cannot be guaranteed is the type of the slot games. There are different software developers offering thousands of video slots, 3D slots, classical slots, fruit machines, progressive jackpots, but when you visit land-based casino your choices could be restricted. When choosing online casino, with one click you can reach much higher number of games. You also know that you can play at any game you want, while if you visit the land based casino you may need to wait for the slot game to become vacant. 

Casino Promotions

All online casinos competes to create better welcome packages, reload bonuses or organise different tournaments so they attract more players. There are also many loyalty programmes which aim to make the player attached to the brand by awarding different freebies – free money to play, free spins, some awards, chances to win holiday or days away. It’s very likely that if you chose to play online and you want to spend $100, you will be awarded with additional stuff – i.e. welcome bonus and/or free spins. If you chose land based casino you may receive a small bonus or a drink at the casino bar, but the customer retention programmes may not be so attractive as the online casinos. 

Limit your deposits

It could be much easier to limit your deposit while playing online casinos. The majority of the online brands also offer additional information and support for the addicted players. You can put a limit on your account so it doesn’t exceed what you already prepared to risk. If you visit land based casino if could be much harder to control the temptation. 

Play for free

If you choose to play online you have the opportunity to try the games for free, which means you don’t need to put real money into your account. Let’s say you want to see the graphics of the game, bonus features or the free games. But sometimes it takes a while until you enter into that mode and it can cost you a lot of money. Choosing to play for free you can experiment and play as long as you want without losing a penny. When you are comfortable with the results or you are ready to play for real you can switch to real money mode and enjoy the game. This feature is not available at the land based casinos.

In the new internet era when you can do many things online i.e. shopping, watching TV, talking to friends, meeting someone, why not playing casino online? Of course the social part at the land based casino cannot be achieved online and for some people playing at land based casino is an event in the daily routines, another kind of experience but the online brands also have plenty to offer. We will leave you to choose which fits better in your life.

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