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Winter Celebrations up High Season Promotion

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The Winter Track is taking it to the skies, and the first Hot Air Balloon Rides are ready to rise. Every player can still claim their own Balloon ride by selecting and completing the Winter Track. Players also get extra rewards each time they level up. 
Besides that, players can play the Daily Winter Challenges for extra rewards every single day. If the Winter Track is selected players get even better daily challenge rewards. 

Winter Track
Players pick the 'Winter Track' by clicking on the 'Track Icon' and select the seasonal track at the 'Change Track' page. From than it's very easy: just play one of PlayFrank's games.

While playing any game a player levels up and each new Level will come up with a reward:
- free spins
- bonuses
- special gifts
- Daily Winter Challenge Boosters
- Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride
At the end of the Winter Track, if all levels are played, a once-in-a-lifetime gift is waiting for each player: a Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Daily Winter Challenges

Players can play the Daily Winter Challenges for daily rewards. There are up to 3 challenges a day; small achievements that are quick, easy and fun for extra rewards.
If players click on the 'DC icon' they see the special Winter Challenge for extra daily rewards.

When the Winter Track is selected, players get a special Daily Winter Challenge 'Booster', like a higher amount of free spins, extra deposit bonuses or special gifts.

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